Pastor Search

Pastor Search

A Time of Transition

Grace Covenant is searching for our next installed pastor. This time of transition between installed pastors is important to allow the church to prepare for the future. We see God working in powerful ways doing new things here at Grace Covenant and in our community. We believe the most exciting days of ministry impact and church life are still ahead of us.  Want to read more about what lies ahead? Read the Mission Study Report here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How will we find our new pastor?  

The Officer Nominating Committee — the same committee that finds and recommends elders and deacons nominated seven church members and one alternate to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). The congregation voted to approve the slate of candidates to conduct a search and recommend the next pastor. The PNC has the support and counsel of our Interim Pastor and the Committee on Ministry of Central Florida Presbytery as it undertakes this important task.  

Q: How will the PNC do this?  

  1. The PNC received a report approved by Session called a Mission Study. The Mission Study contains information about our community, the ministries of the church and the preferences, priorities, beliefs, hopes, and dreams of the congregation supplied by the congregation in response to surveys and at small group discussions.
  2. The PNC used the Mission Study to develop a Ministry Information Form (MIF). The MIF is the churches “job description” designed to communicate who we are as a church and the qualifications and characteristics we are seeking in a pastor.
  3. Session submitted the MIF to Central Florida Presbytery for approval and posting online where pastoral candidates have access to it. 
  4. The PNC has begun receiving Pastor Information Forms (PIFs) from pastors seeking a call. How long the process will take depends on how many pastors are looking and how many might be a good candidate for Grace Covenant.
  5. The PNC is reviewing the PIFs, prayerfully discerning from among them who God might be equipping and preparing to serve Grace Covenant. 
  6. Through PIF review, online sermons, phone interviews and reference checks, the PNC will identify the top candidates. 
  7. The top candidates will meet in person with the PNC, and may preach at a “neutral” church in Central Florida Presbytery.
  8. The PNC will choose a final candidate and notify Session and Presbytery. Presbytery will complete a background check and examine the candidate.
  9. The candidate will be presented to the congregation which votes to accept the candidate and approve the candidate’s terms of call.
  10. The candidate is approved by Presbytery and installed as the pastor.   

Q: Who’s running the church in the meantime?  

Session continues to lead the church. Session contracted with Rev. Melanie Ruta to serve as Interim Pastor. Pastor Melanie is trained to minister to churches in transition and to help make this a healthy and productive time for the church.

Be a Part of the Future   

  1. Pray for renewal of the church and for inspiration and encouragement of those who are serving and leading.
  2. Step up in faith to be a part of the future by giving of your own time and talents to serve in some new way.
  3. Pray for wisdom, discernment and clarity for the Pastor Nominating Committee.
  4. Support the future mission and ministry of the church financially. Every dollar pledged to the 2021 budget puts us in a better financial position to achieve what God is calling us to do.